best profitable stock screener
Best Stock Screener DDAmanda

Proffessional Stock Trading Software, designed to do one thing:

Make Money.

(Written by Stock Traders, For Stock Traders)

Contrary to what a lot of other stock trading software sites out there say, making money at trading stocks is not easy…it takes work.

The process involves getting in a stock before or shortly after a stock has started to run.

In other words, the biggest challenge is Finding Winning Stocks.

And finding those is what DDAmanda is all about.

We have preset scans designed to detect these stocks, and we think she’s the best tool available to find them.

There are a lot of other scans available as well (200 Day Low, Crossovers, Pinchers, etc.). And you can tweak, or make up totally new scans if you wish.

DDAmanda was written by stock traders to help them find stocks before they run. And also to make the stock research (due diligence) as easy as possible.

SO, take her for a spin for 30 days…….if it doesn’t work out we give you all your money back.

She’s not cheap…..this isn’t your $19.95 software that pretty much is worthless. And she’s also not crazy expensive, like $6,000/mo for some stock guru’s newsletter.

Cost is about $6/day, or $185/month, with a Promo Code: han458.


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best profitable stock screener

DDAmanda was written by stock traders to help them find stocks before they run.

Below we've listed  a very small sample of what our members say about DDAmanda.

"Made me so much money it's not even funny... Multiple 100% plays within past 4 weeks, and bought into CAPV as soon as the filing came out last Monday, the best play yet... . Please for the love of everything... don't ever discontinue Amanda... 🙂 Thanks again!"

" I am absolutely digging DDAmanda. I think it’s brilliant."

"Love the program... and am telling everyone about it..."

"Bought this, found Tsnp dropped like 800$ I'm up 30K on it! DDamanda literally like the reviews said paid for itself in the first trade!"

"Awesome program by the way, after just one day of use it's worth every penny. Not to mention it paid for it self several times in just one day..."

"I just made 15k on my first DDAmanda Pick."

"Scan picked up GARB two days ago so I added at .0004 yesterday for a single day $1525 profit. I would say the scanner paid for itself on that trade."

"I use DDAmanda and two other scanning tools, and you can see that it provided a AITX daily trading history in a blink. I like easy. While OS is important (it does show AS-OS-Float that other users can update and share notes on), it usually comes in as the fourth or fifth thing to consider for swing trades. DDAmanda, for me, is the fastest tool that throws everything up on a single screen to quickly determine if I should dig a little deeper. The built in shortcuts that you don't usually see on the left side of the screen is where time is really saved -- SEC, OTC, Twitter, iHub All Post Search, Charts, etc.
If it wasn't worth the price I wouldn't be using it."

"Loving DDA so far and recommending it to others."

"DDAmanda is no joke. Just got it. Narrowed down my preferred stocks, to a few stocks due to the $ volume pattern, and profited huge on SNPW and BMIX (not to mention my other picks) "

"Our Best Success Story: We don't quite know what to think about this one. The guy seems legit, and if it's all"

"I started with DD Amanda and $1000. I grew that sum using the software to $100,000. Like any wise investor (he said sarcastically), I put all of that into a stock in and slightly above trips that I also found with the software. I held that for almost 2 years and didn’t trade at all. Sometimes I didn’t check on the stock for weeks at a time. Well, to make a long story short, my account spiked to 30,000,000 and has settled around 10,000,000. Patience + DD Amanda has changed my life. Thanks Hans!"

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